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Jul. 28th, 2015

I know I haven't been writing….

I had a stroke 9/18/2014. I didn't drive at all for 2 months.
I had stents put into my heart 2/18/2015.
Eye surgery 7/15/15.
People have been asking me lately if I am going to write my column again.     
I don't know if I want to.
I did it for a long time.
Twice a week in the 90's thru 2006
Then in 2007 I was asked to do it again
And wrote it once a week--till 2014.
Just saying.
Anybody else think I should?

Sep. 21st, 2014

(no subject)

Dancing With The Planets

The Astrology Column

A Guide to The View on The Big Spin


MOON/11º Virgo trine SR PLUTO/11º Capricorn 7:03 am PDST, 10:03 am EDST

We are heading for The New Moon very late tomorrow night and probably won’t see the New Crescent in the sky till Wednesday’s Sunset. Even as prepared as we think we might be--for Big Changes in the Status Quo from Stationary Pluto, we could find making those changes easier, by anticipating them. Changes also may require some thought as to the consequences they produce.

SR PLUTO/11º Capricorn turns Stationary Direct 5:34 pm, 8:34 pm

People may be acutely aware that the seasons are changing, especially with sudden early snows in the Rockies and the plains states. It is quite likely we could hear of ‘Falls from Power’ especially abroad. Changes in Leadership in large organizations, institutions, corporations, nations and states. Businesses may also go through some restructuring. Governments are organizing for war. Check in on the elderly among your family and friends.


SUN ENTERS LIBRA 7:29 pm PDST, 10:29 pm EDST

We say Happy Birthday to our Libra friends this month! They are Definitely Charming! Popular. Good listeners. They want to achieve a lovely elegance in their surroundings, live in a harmonious, beautiful and civilized atmosphere and be known for their taste and sophistication. They abhor discord and vulgarity. And they don’t go out the door unless they are presentable, rather than disreputable, which were my Libra mother’s two favorite words. Their shadow side is Aries, which can make them. self-centered. The things they do altruistically can sometimes reveal their self-interest.

No time change till Halloween, thanks to the candy companies.


MOON/19º Virgo sextile SATURN/19º Scorpio 12:41 am, 3:41 am

Is someone up late working? Or worrying?

MOON/22º Virgo conjunct VENUS/22º Virgo 5:15 am, 8:15 am

MOON/22º Virgo Void-of-Course (V/C) 5:15 am, 8:15 am

Some are up early to make themselves attractive. People feel together this morning.

People notice those who are well-spoken and articulate. The Virgo Moon is Void-of-Course All Day till late tonight. Don’t try to tweak anything to Perfection today. Try to avoid starting new things as projects we start while the Moon is V/C are likely to be frustrating and yield unexpected results. Avoid shopping--things we buy, especially bargains, may not give us the satisfaction for which we had hoped.


Venus Rules. While we might have a short burst of energy this hour, people will still be conserving energy, during the Dark-of-the-Moon. My great friend SDV used sing: “No Moon At All, Up Above/This is nothing like they told us of/Just to think we fell in love/And there’s No Moon At All.” Our Libra friends are magnetically receptive to the right admirer and may mirror their interests. Lots of people will be looking for long-term companionship this month. Friends are important to everyone this month. So are the concerns of  partners and spouses.


MOON/1º08´Libra conjunct SUN/1º08´Libra 11:14 pm PDST, 2:14 am EDST

The axis of the season changes from Mutable to Cardinal signs. Instead of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces, we have tonight’s New Moon in Libra, the First Quarter at 8º Capricorn 10/1, the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse at 15º Aries 10/8 and the Last Quarter at 22º Cancer 10/15. People could be looking to begin new relationships this fall. 


MOON/7º Libra sextile MARS/7º Sagittarius 11:30 am, 2:30 pm

Teachers, Coaches and Professors are fired up by their subject of their interest. You might encounter someone who is invested in their belief system to the point of proselyting! Don’t ever try and convert anyone to your point-of-view aggressively! People will be participating in sports.

MOON/11º Libra square SD PLUTO/11º Capricorn 6:39 pm, 9:39 pm

Accident Warning. Slow Down and Stay Alert on the road. Pay attention to the kind of attention you attract--especially the Wrong kind of Attention. Use that intuition--especially if it’s saying, Warning! Danger! Do you really belong there? Stay in Awareness of how you feel and how others really make you feel. Could be upsets behind Unwanted or Uninvited visitors.


MOON/14º Libra sextile JUPITER/14º Leo  2:21 am, 5:21 am

MOON/15º Libra opposite R URANUS/15º Aries 2:30 am, 5:30 am

Late night Surprises? Impulses? Mishaps? When people are excited, they might not watch where they are going!

JUPITER/15º Leo trine R URANUS/15º Aries 11:17 am, 2:17 pm

Figure these two slow-moving planets in the background All This Week. Money can come in and go out very quickly especially where children and young people are concerned. The Urge to Splurge is definitely there! Along with Impulse-Buying and Unexpected Expenses. The Very Latest Must-Have Thing could be just a craze.


MOON/28º Libra conjunct MERCURY/28º Libra 5:39 am, 8:39 am

MOON/28º Libra Void-of-Course 5:39 am, 8:39 am

People could be up early to express themselves creatively.


Mars/Pluto Rule. There’s a new intensity in the air. People have an agenda!

MOON/5º Scorpio trine R NEPTUNE/5º Pisces 5:54 pm, 8:54 pm

It’s Friday Night! Did someone say, Party? Movies? Music?


MOON/11º Scorpio sextile SD PLUTO/11º Capricorn 4:25 am, 7:25 am

Pluto Rules... Saturday morning, people feel like getting rid of things and can be ruthless about it. Taking them to the flea markets, to the Freebox to

MOON/15º Scorpio square JUPITER/15º Leo 12:39 pm, 3:39 pm

Who’s The Boss? Both Scorpio and Leo can go at it. Leo wants to be generous, Scorpio asks what will it cost him.


And will be here for 13 days. Yes, Mercury turns Retrograde at 2º Scorpio 10/5 and returns to Libra’s airspace on 10/11. It Retrogrades (appearing to slow, stop and go backwards from our perspective on Earth’s orbit around the Sun) back to 16º48´ Libra turning Direct on 10/26. Mercury was last at 16º48´Libra on Sunday 9/14. (That was the opening day of Levi Stadium when the SF Niners lost to the Chicago Bears, who had not won in SF since 1985 and the Ken Burns’ Roosevelt documentary began.)  

MOON/20º Scorpio conjunct SATURN/20º Scorpio 9:46 pm, 12:46 pm

The oldest and youngest could go to bed long before this hour. Tired people can say stupid things. Foot-n-Mouth Advisory. Don’t be hard on anyone, especially those who might have problems in the bedroom or bathroom.


MOON/28º Scorpio sextile VENUS/28º Virgo 1:31 pm, 4:31 pm

MOON/28º Scorpio Void-of-Course 1:31 pm, 4:31 pm

Rain? Make a point of finishing things before this hour. After this, the concentration of the Scorpio Moon might be off somewhat. What Scorpio digs up is brought tot he light in Sagittarius.


Jupiter Rules.  Did someone say Sunday Night Sports Action? Everyone will have fresh energy and be outgoing and confident.

Dear Friends,

On Thursday Night I had a stroke. I realized it when

I started dropping things, I went into the bathroom, My smile was not as even on the right, it wasn’t as wide. Roger was expected but he was on the Indiana state line.I called my neighbor Anne Muntean, Roger had also called. The fire men came and took me to the hospital, I am not going to be able to write more. It as affected my speech and my right hand. I just got  home, this Sunday, late, and it is taking me a long time to write these few words. Pray for me! Sorry!

More Later! And I’ll see YOU Dancing with the Planets! Moving with the Energy Flow on The Big Spin!  --Michelle Sura. Check out: http://dwtp.livejournal.com

Sep. 14th, 2014

(no subject)

Dancing With The Planets

The Astrology Column

A Guide to The View on The Big Spin


MOON/15º Gemini sextile R URANUS/15º Aries 4:13 am, 7:13 am

Spontaneous young people or little kids could wake us up extra early this morning! We’re headed for the Last Quarter this evening and the Autumnal Equinox and New Moon in a week.

MOON/18º Gemini trine MERCURY/18º Libra 9:52 am, 12:52 pm

Mercury Rules our Gemini Moon--people make an effort to be kind and gracious. Good manners will get you a lot farther than being thoughtless and inconsiderate. Stay in Awareness of the feelings of the people around you.


MOON/23º09´Gemini square SUN/23º09´Virgo 7:05 pm PDST, 10:05 pm EDST

MOON/23º09´ Gemini Void-of-Course 7:05 pm PDST, 10:05 pm EDST

Bickering Advisory? Tonight, people will be pushing to wind down and take their space and conserve their energy. They may well feel talked-out and could be tired of superficial small talk.



The Moon Rules. We have Fresh Energy this morning. We take our cues from our women friends and could find the center of activity is in the house and garden, especially in the kitchen. Family is likely on everyone’s mind, when the Moon’s in Cancer, one’s aging parents and the littlest children especially. Many of us are thinking of the US Nation and may ask, Who and What have we become?

MOON/5º Cancer trine R NEPTUNE/5º Pisces 7:35 pm, 10:35 pm

NO DUIs. Watch the intoxicants you ingest. Taking your cues from women and watching ‘The Roosevelts’ ?


MOON/11º Cancer opposite SR PLUTO/11º Capricorn 6:05 am, 9:05 am

Crisis this morning! First Responders respond quickly and calmly so they can act effectively! Now, PLUTO has been Stationary Retrograde at 11º all month, but this whole week---we’ll Really Be Aware of those ‘Acts of God’, which are beyond the control of individuals, those Natural Disasters, Extreme Weather Events, floods, fires, maybe even earthquakes, people having those freak accidents, even Wars that impact many people. The Status Quo could change dramatically.

MOON/14º Cancer sextile VENUS/14º Virgo 2:12 pm, 5:12 pm

Folks on the home front or people in your immediate environment may be thanking those people who are cool in a crisis.

MOON/15º Cancer square R URANUS/15º Aries 2:38 pm, 5:38 pm

Watch for the Sudden and Unexpected involving little children in the after-school hours! Mishaps at home? What is exciting to young people? What’s the latest craze?

MOON/18º Cancer trine SATURN/18º Scorpio 10:43 pm, 1:43 am

Saturn plays Sandman. Don’t lie in bed worrying about things you can’t control. Get one or two practical things out of the way before retiring and feel good about what you have done!


MOON/21º Cancer square  MERCURY/21º Libra 3:00 am, 6:00 am

Spouses, partners or friends may say something that riles family or people in your immediate environment. Do not start WWIII by criticizing even mildly a Cancer’s relations or family friends. Apologize instantly, sincerely and profusely! Foot-in-Mouth Warning!

MOON/25º Cancer sextile SUN/25º Virgo 11:38 am, 2:38 pm

MOON/25º Cancer Void-of-Course 11:38 am, 2:38 pm

Sun and Moon make nice this morning, but after this hour, people will be looking forward to getting off the Home Turf and getting out. Got something planned for tonight?

MOON ENTERS LEO 8:10 pm PDST, 11:10 pm EDST

The Sun Rules--the Waning Moon. Fresh Energy! We could feel the Leader inside of us or the Performer. Is The World our Stage? People could seek recognition, admiration, attention or affection. This could be a fun night--late night. While the Waning Moon’s in Leo, Modesty Furthers. People never love Arrogance, but they do love Modesty.  A beloved leader resonates with the people and listens to their needs and concerns. You want praise? Give praise.


MOON/3º Leo trine MARS/3º Sagittarius 3:41 am, 6:41 am

Late Night/Early Morning Sports Action? People get Physical. Need I say more? Our physical energy is excellent starting early this morning and We Coast on Feeling Good about ourselves all day long. The Leo in Everyone--shows warmth.


MOON/14º Leo conjunct JUPITER/14º Leo 12:29 am, 3:29 am

This is The Big Climate Change Weekend today and tomorrow. In NYC, it seems to be a full week! Check it out. We will most likely see Big Demonstrations all over the world! People are optimistic and confident they will make a difference!

MOON/15º Leo trine R URANUS/15º Aries 2:56 am, 5:56 am

The Sudden and Unexpected coming from children or young people? Leo relates to young people and their inspirations.

MOON/19º Leo square SATURN/19º Scorpio 11:46 am, 2:46 am

It’s likely people will voice their worries and fears about planetary survival. Some could be quite negative about the costs of changing the status quo. Some will be discouraged, even depressed by the state of the world.

MOON/24º Leo sextile MERCURY/24º Libra 9:33 pm, 12:33 am

MOON/24º Leo Void-of-Course 9:33 pm, 12:33 am

This evening, someone could validate us or flatter us,  we enjoy the conversations were having. People will know when it is time to call it a night! Leo will always leave their audience wanting more.


VENUS/19º Virgo sextile SATURN/19º Scorpio 6:03 am, 9:03 am

This morning, early risers get prepared. There could be an impetus to put away summer things and cull through the closets of things you won’t be using. Getting rid of clutter. People are likely to dress modestly this morning or to get ready for a fall work projects. Are we getting ready to really strategize?


Mercury Rules--this Dark-of-the-Moon period. We’ll have some Fresh Energy Sunday Morning to get ourselves organized for our day. People make a point of pulling it together early, looking at the week ahead, yes, making lists and schedules. We are together and feel capable. However, The Sign right before the New Moon, Virgo, is when things fall apart and we can be our own worst enemy, the cause of our own self-undoing! Do we over-analyze, or get swamped by details and little things? Are we inclining toward Perfectionism? Maybe. Maybe not. In the Midwest, we have a whole lot to do as we head into fall. We’ll have the Virgo Moon till late on Tuesday. While our heads will be into getting things done, we just may not have the energy. Stay Alert for Illnesses in children or in your work environment.  Might not be a bad idea to wash your hands frequently and Especially Your Face when being out in public. or around a lot of people. The news is full of stories of disease like Ebola in Africa and Enterovirus D68, which is impacting children in the Midwest. People will also be concerned with toxins in their environment. Ma used to say, ‘If you don’t have your Health, you have Nothing!’

MOON/5º Virgo square MARS/5º Sagittarius 8:05 pm, 11:05 pm

MOON/5º Virgo opposite R NEPTUNE/5º Pisces 8:08 pm, 11:08 pm

I would avoid drinking and drugs tonight, if I were you. People could go crazy with intoxication and lower their resistance to infections. Or even on each other! Check the freshness and quality of the food and drink you ingest. Moon/Mars/Neptune make a T-square with the empty corner being Gemini, reason and facts. Don’t let yourself get bent out of shape by people’s beliefs and opinions and political convictions. Or allow yourself to become disillusioned during this period.

MARS/5º Sagittarius square R NEPTUNE/5º Pisces 8:40 pm, 11:40 pm

Keep Fire Danger and Water Loss foremost in your mind, my West Coast Homies!  People could undertake a lot of dubious actions! Even covert actions. Watch out for Slips and Falls. Foot and Leg Injuries especially on the playing field.

    Monday morning, could be the Monday from Hell. The Virgo Moon trines SR Pluto/11º Capricorn, which turns SD in the evening. It is going to a Very Heavy Day with the Dark of the Moon. BE READY. And, it’s the Autumnal Equinox with the Sun entering Libra Monday Night  with the Virgo Moon still behind it. We’re heading for New Moon at 1º Libra late on Tuesday Night, 11:14 pm PDST and 2:14 am (Wednesday) EDST.

More Later! And I’ll see YOU Dancing with the Planets! Moving with the Energy Flow on The Big Spin!  --Michelle Sura. Check out: http://dwtp.livejournal.com

Sep. 7th, 2014

(no subject)

Dancing With The Planets

The Astrology Column

A Guide to The View on The Big Spin


MOON/5º Pisces conjunct R NEPTUNE/5º Pisces 2:09 am PDST, 5:09 am EDST

This here is the nearly Full Moon conjunct Neptune. And the Pisces Moon just opposed Venus at 9:38 pm PDST, 12:38 am EDST last night.  Venus moves into exact opposition with Neptune on Wednesday. I’d keep an eye on the Ocean and its Tides. Surfers, swimmers and fishermen watch out for each other today! At this hour, Musicians and Actors are probably finishing their performances and looking for a late night party. Others will be looking to use their creative imaginations, that theatre and music have inspired.

MOON/11º Pisces sextile R PLUTO/11º Capricorn 10:15 am, 1:15 pm

People could turn their intuition toward the wars and global crises in the world and not be overwhelmed if they stay centered.


MOON/16º19´Pisces opposite SUN/16º19´Virgo 6:38 pm PDST, 9:38 pm EDST

This Evening, when the Sun goes down, the Full Moon comes up!  And many of us will “stand between the celestial bodies in the azure hour.” Pisces makes us think of aging and we might consider healthy practices so we can go the distance. The old soul within us could be in a contemplative mood. When we praise the brilliant creation in which we live, we call down the gods to listen, as it were. People may consider the whole of their lives, looking back, as well as, defining the meaning and purpose of them.

MOON/18º Pisces trine SATURN/18º Scorpio 10:18 pm, 1:18 am

Saturn most likely plays Sandman, for the eldest and youngest early on, but can also bring up worries.


MOON/26º Pisces trine MARS/26º Scorpio 12:09 pm, 3:09 pm

MOON/26º Pisces Void-of-Course (V/C)  12:09 pm, 3:09 pm

Afternoon Delight? Someone could fluff us up this morning! Who’s so sexy? With the the Pisces Moon V/C, right after, people could say ‘What a Day for a Daydream!’ It Counts Double to Pay Attention to exactly what you are doing today, And Stay Alert especially in the car!

MERCURY/11º Libra square R PLUTO/11º Capricorn 3:38 pm, 6:38 pm

Accident Warning with Mercury/Pluto for the next 24 hours. NO Road Rage! Even people who speak beautifully can say hurtful. vicious, even hateful things. Or, people could attempt to use Libra’s tact and diplomacy to challenge out-of-control people, who just might be fanatical, unwilling to compromise or so authoritarian, that they take ‘My-Way-or-The-Highway’ to the Nth degree! People could also discuss the rise of Totalitarian Societies in the world, which are Fascist in nature.


Mars/Pluto Rule. Young People have Fresh Energy for Sports in the late afternoon. Shooting baskets, hitting the gym, taking Full Moon hikes with your camera, catalyzing some group action, any or all! Is it Game Night at your house? People aren’t going to want to sit still! Who’s feeling Adventurous?  I would not be surprised if young people suggested doing something spontaneously! People have The Best Time with Kids tonight! Now that the Full Moon is starting to wane, it might be a good time for a new diet and exercise regime.


VENUS/5º Virgo opposite R NEPTUNE/5º Pisces 3:51 am, 6:51 am

Late Night Glamour? Oh, we’ll feel Venus/Neptune as an undercurrent even Tuesday night!  Someone could have seduction on their mind... Ladies, don’t attract the wrong kind of attention, if you are up early headed for the morning shift.

MOON/11º Aries square R PLUTO/11º Capricorn 10:31 am, 1:31 pm

Accident  Advisory. Mercury/Pluto are still within 1º of squaring-off! Close Calls? Young people could be rebellious today and take risks. Avoid Questioning Authority, as you might get an over-the-top reaction!

MERCURY/12º Libra sextile JUPITER/12º Leo 11:37 am, 2:37 pm

People could find they have a whole lot to say to a receptive audience. Motor-Mouth Advisory!

MOON/12º Aries trine JUPITER/12º Leo 12:22 pm, 3:22 pm

Young people have lots of confidence and enthusiasm. People feel adventurous and lucky.

MOON/12º Aries opposite MERCURY/12º Libra 12:25 pm, 3:25 pm

Friends, partners and/or spouses may have a lot to say to our Aries friends or to young people.

MOON/15º Aries conjunct R URANUS/15º Aries 5:58 pm, 8:58 pm

MOON/15º Aries Void-of-Course 5:58 pm, 8:58 pm

Young people and our Aries friends could be excited by Discoveries and Scientific Breakthroughs and the Latest Thing on the Internet!


The Aries Moon is still Void-of-Course

All Day, the Aries Moon is Void-of-Course! Did someone say, Whining Advisory? You may hear kids whine: ‘Do I hafta? I don’t wanna!’ Some will be so petulant that nothing satisfies them. Others could nag and nag to get their way. We even could see adults act like petulant children. What do YOU sound like? Watch your own inner child, and see if you placate that child with your own little self-indulgences! Watch your impulses! Remember that this Void-of-Course Aries Moon continues through to tonight! Avoid Shopping--except for the basics!

SUN/18º Virgo sextile SATURN/18º Scorpio 8:04 am 11:04 am

Are we ready for Thursday Morning?


Venus Rules. People are glad to get home tonight to their creature comforts. We may look at all we have and just might be happy with what we have. People are grateful for all life has given them, starting with their parents, their opportunities, their feelings and values and their bodies. We’re happy with who we are!


MOON/5º Taurus sextile R NEPTUNE/5º Pisces 4:17 am, 7:17 am

Do we wake early with an amazing dream? Write it down! Here’s Venus/Neptune again. The Taurus Moon sets them off in a positive way, even as they are separate by 3º. There’s some kind of an attraction--to glamour? to drugs? to seduction? to celebrity? Or, does something trigger our imagination or intuition?

MOON/8º Taurus trine VENUS/8º Virgo 9:09 am, 12:09 pm

Venus Rules our Taurus Moon. This weekend, Venus slowly moves from a 180º opposition to Neptune to a 120º trine with Pluto by early Sunday morning.

There could be a powerful attraction. Today, the Taurus Moon moves into a loose Grand Earth trine, which links Moon/Venus/Pluto in the earth signs.  Perhaps a Taurus recognizes a valuable employee and points them out to management.

MOON/11º Taurus trine R PLUTO/11º Capricorn 1:21 pm, 4:21 pm

Now, this afternoon we could encounter or hear of situations gone out-of-control.

MOON/12º Taurus square JUPITER/12º Leo 4:06 pm, 7:06 pm

It’s Friday Night! People could tend to overdo it. The Urge to Splurge on Expensive Entertainment is strong!


MERCURY/15º Libra opposite R URANUS/15º Aries 1:16 am, 4:16 am

NO Risks (or Accidents) on the road! People could say things quite impulsively and thoughtlessly with Mercury/Uranus facing off or even post things online without thinking of consequences!

MOON/18º Taurus opposite SATURN/18º Scorpio 3:24 am, 6:24 am

Saturn plays Sandman. It can also make people worry--about “Other People’s Money” rather than what we ourselves earn, like investments, shared assets, joint property and what others want to conserve or restrict.

MOON/20º Taurus trine SUN/20º Virgo 6:31 am, 9:31 am

MOON/20º Taurus Void-of-Course (V/C) 6:31 am, 9:31 am

Sun and Moon make nice early this morning, but it’s a long Void-of-Course period till the Moon enters Gemini late tonight. Resist the urge to shop when the Moon is V/C in ANY Sign for a long time. Get the basics, sure, but avoid signing contracts, big ticket purchases. Things we buy and projects we start while the Moon is V/C might not give us the satisfaction for which we had hoped.


People are Way into Sports Action! Did someone say, FOOTBALL? LOT of Action--in College sports ahead! Let’s not forget the World Series!  Off-Season Travel Abroad is another lure. Getting into the Great Outdoors is another. Teachers feel empowered, so do athletes and so do Preachers and Proselytizers empowered by their Beliefs--that they’re right and that’s that! (In Our Favorite Town, people are pumped up pro and con over Art and Graffiti on the Seawall) And therein lies the danger of acting on those beliefs that could lead to Crusades and Holy Wars. There will be a Lot of People, Groups of them, Speaking Out before the November 4th US Election!  When we’re excited, and pumped by our righteous opinions, we may not consider that others have just as much right to their opinions and beliefs as we do. It will be Important to Stay Calm Now and Centered and so we can Really Listen, Respond with Insight and Clarity, and have the Ability to Act Quickly and Effectively.

  Any planet entering Sagittarius’ fiery airspace, as Mars is, seems to have a multiplying effect. So--through 10/23, there will be Enormous FIRE DANGER. Homies be Ready!  This will also kick off multiple events in Publishing. What Scorpio has been digging up-- is brought to the light in Sagittarius! Perhaps also in the courts and the legal field, as well as Action Abroad!


Mercury Rules. We have Fresh Energy! For the quick approach and the rapid getaway? Our minds come Alive! Everyone Wakes Up mentally! So! Over the next two days, we will be hungry for the up-to-the-minute information, for cutting-edge facts, even for gossip.

MOON/Oº Gemini opposite MARS/Oº Sagittarius 11:53 pm, 2:53 am

Late Night Accidents? NO Head-on Collisions! NO Wipe-outs on the mountain road! Not the Fight Club again! Mars is on Jupiter’s turf of exaggeration, expansion, risk-taking. People will be vocal about their Metaphysical Beliefs, Political Convictions and Opinions on all topics. Virgo and Pisces friends best watch out too!  Might be a good idea to keep an eye on what’s happening with Mars!


VENUS/11º Virgo trine R PLUTO/11º Capricorn 7:33 am, 10:33 am

In the background of the Gemini Moon, Even in good aspect, Venus/Pluto spell trouble for women that they might not be able to handle alone. Figure Venus/Pluto are also in the background Saturday Night. Pay Attention to your Intuition, that Gift of Fear. You could run into out-of-control situations, that involve police or dangerous individuals. If you are outdoors early for exercise or on your way to an early shift, Stay Alert and be ready to protect yourself from assault.

MOON/5º Gemini square R NEPTUNE/5º Pisces 10:05 am, 1:05 pm

Those uplifted by their individualistic spiritual beliefs could be criticized by those who consider themselves more rational and who believe only in facts. But they just might call people swept away romantically--delusional.

MOON/11º Gemini square VENUS/11º Virgo 9:16 pm, 12:16 am

Disagreements? We might discuss possibilities versus what’s do-able given the restraints of time, money and effort.

MOON/13º Gemini sextile JUPITER/13º Leo 11:44 pm, 2:44 am

Some will be too energized to sleep! But do it anyway!

More Later! And I’ll see YOU Dancing with the Planets! Moving with the Energy Flow on The Big Spin!  --Michelle Sura. Check out: http://dwtp.livejournal.com

Aug. 31st, 2014

(no subject)

Dancing With The Planets

The Astrology Column

A Guide to The View on The Big Spin


MOON/24º Scorpio square VENUS/24º Leo 12:17 am PDST, 3:17 am EDST

We’re headed for the First Quarter on Tuesday. Tonight, Performers feel the afterglow of giving a good performance. Others may feel the glow of generosity. Yet there could be some resentment.

MOON/28º Scorpio sextile MERCURY/28º Virgo 8:40 am, 11:40 am

MOON/28º Scorpio Void-of-Course 8:40 am, 11:40 am

Those up before this hour, get it together, get organized, eliminate the non-essentials and get ready to show everyone what they’ve been working on in secret. Others might sleep in Labor Day Monday, but not for long!


Jupiter Rules! People are Enthusiastic! The Labor Day Street Party in “Our Favorite Town” is about to begin. Oh, Yeah, people are outgoing and confident! They believe in themselves! They are pumped by those beliefs, metaphysical and otherwise. Their political convictions. People invest--in their opinions. They believe in their team!  They believe in their community! Their Union!

MOON/6º Sagittarius square R NEPTUNE/6º Pisces 9:20 pm, 12:20 am

Could be a hot time in the old town tonight! Best watch your purse or wallet and overdoing the intoxicants. Some might find the atmosphere just too toxic and go home after a long day! The kids may be watching videos and falling asleep.


Who speaks beautifully? Who shows grace and civilized elegance by using good manners? Do we imitate them? Do we really listen to how we sound to others? When we ask people what they enjoy or what they really love, their whole expression becomes beautiful.



MOON/9º55´Sagittarius square SUN/9º55´Virgo 4:11 am PDST, 7:11 am EDST

Someone is liable to be feeling pushed early this Tuesday morning, but it is likely that it will be worth it. .

MOON/10º Sagittarius trine JUPITER/10º Leo 5:10 am, 8:10 am

Teachers are on top of their game. There’s lots of enthusiasm. We may encounter Leaders who are also benefactors. Here’s a loose grand fire trine that links Moon, Jupiter and Uranus. Someone feels lucky. Do they tap into synchronicity?

MOON/15º Sagittarius trine R URANUS/15º Aries 2:38 pm, 5:38 pm

Nice Surprises! Young people are excited about what they’re learning. The internet is on fire with breaking news. We coast on Sagittarius enthusiasm that opens a world of possibilities.


SUN/11º Virgo trine R PLUTO/11º Capricorn 9:06 am, 12:08 pm

During this period, perhaps we’ll even feel Sun/Pluto--in the background, perhaps as an undercurrent-- Tuesday night through Thursday morning, when the Moon swings around to conjunct Pluto and trine the Sun. Some may encounter powerful/wealthy/important/dangerous people, which can be a challenge to their identity and how they present ourselves. With Sun/Pluto, even in good aspect, we could take risks, have close calls or meet up with someone or something that challenges our integrity. 

MOON/27º Sagittarius trine VENUS/27º Leo 11:06 am, 2:06 pm

MOON/27º Sagittarius Void-of-Course 11:06 am, 2:06 pm

This morning, like attracts like. People, who are passionate about what they do, attract others with a similar passion. But-- we may notice the outgoing Saj energy we’ve been riding on start to ebb and we will all be inclined to pull our energy back into ourselves and concentrate it on what’s right before us.


Saturn Rules. Our Capricorn friends work hard and play hard too! Everyone has Fresh Energy tonight!  We’re all business. Our Capricorn friends are often successful at what they do, chances are they’ve concentrated on just one thing, achieved their long-term goals, often to the exclusion of other interests and diversions.

MOON/3º Capricorn square MERCURY/3º Libra 8:04 pm, 11:04 pm

Capricorn might prefer to concentrate on his practice or hobbies, even though Libra can be persuasive about attending social events. The ease with which Libra expresses Social Graces might be enviable to Capricorn.


MOON/6º Capricorn sextile R NEPTUNE/6º Pisces 1:29 am, 4:29 am

Sweet Dreams. Pay attention - Neptune’s powerful in Pisces.

MOON/11º Capricorn conjunct R PLUTO/11º Capricorn 9:56 am, 12:56 pm

Here’s the Moon setting off that Sun/Pluto trine this morning. Management might want to embark on radical changes or might be confronted by situations which have gone out-of-control.

    (This month, all month, R Pluto hangs at 11º Capricorn. From 9/15 to 9/30, we will feel Pluto’s Stationary Period the most. SR Pluto turns SD on 9/22 at the Autumnal Equinox, which comes just before the New Moon in Libra.)

MOON/11º Capricorn trine SUN/11º Virgo 11:45 am, 2:45 am

Organizing and managing the Material World, when Sun and Moon are in Earth signs, demands that we be practical and consider the time, effort and money needed to make changes.

MOON/15º Capricorn square R URANUS/15º Aries 5:41 pm, 8:41 pm

Accident Advisory! Watch out for excited little kids! Sudden and Unexpected Mishaps? Kids riling or amazing their elders? It’s likely people will want the latest news.

MOON/18º Capricorn sextile SATURN/18º Scorpio 9:57 pm, 12:57 am

Saturn Rules. People could be working late, especially doing research or investigations into the past.


MOON/24º Capricorn sextile MARS/24º Scorpio 8:08 am, 11:08 am

MOON/24º Capricorn Void-of-Course 8:08 am, 11:08 am

Mars, even though it has separated from Saturn by 6º might suggest cuts to strengthen the bottom line. That may not go anywhere as the Capricorn Moon is Void-of-Course. However, people will be thinking of aging and retirement. They might want to simplify their lives by divesting themselves of responsibilities and obligations and getting rid of the things which take up too much time, effort and money to maintain. Less is More.


We will be admiring strong, capable people, who know where their tools are, can take care of mundane chores, quickly and efficiently, who enjoy an orderly work environment, who really know--practice makes perfect. Venus will make all our Virgo friends, men and women both, very attractive.


Uranus/Saturn Rule. Are we Ready for The Weekend?? You bet we are! Freedom is on everyone’s mind! Excitement Rules! There’s Spontaneity! Electricity in the air!  After the formality of Capricorn, people are ready to let it all hang out! Just Slow Down and Arrive Alive! Anything goes? This weekend, people will also be thinking of decluttering their space, maybe even having a garage sale.


MOON/6º Aquarius trine MERCURY/6º Libra 2:52 am, 5:52 am

People can’t stop talking about ideas and events.

MOON/11º Aquarius opposite JUPITER/11º Leo 11:11 am, 2:11 pm

People are super-confident today and just might feel lucky!

MOON/15º Aquarius sextile R URANUS/15º Aries 6:05 pm, 9:05 pm

Electricity Rules. Stay Open to meeting New and Different people!

MOON/18º Aquarius square SATURN/18º Scorpio 10:32 pm, 1:32 am

Aquarius might say something unconsciously that Scorpio resents. Don’t let Scorpio feel offended or insulted for long, as they might lash out with more than sarcasm. Or, suspect that those Aquarian remarks might not be entirely unconscious! As Saturn also Rules Aquarius, things might breakdown and need inventive fixes. We could be made aware of responsibilities we have neglected.


MOON/25º Aquarius square MARS/25º Scorpio 10:19 am, 1:19 pm

MOON/25º Aquarius Void-of-Course 10:19 am, 1:19 pm

Even though, Mars and Saturn have separated by 7º, events from Saturday night could lead to unexpected actions on Sunday. The smart and funny Aquarius energy is fading. We could find ourselves thinking of aging. Being aware that we don’t have the strength or quickness we used to and that we need to adapt. 


Neptune/Jupiter Rule. Tomorrow’s the Full Moon at 16º Pisces. Carl Jung once said, probably chuckling to himself, that when the Intuitive is Dominant, Thinking, Feeling, and Sensation are recessive. Our Pisces friends are on automatic pilot, swimming in a sea of zero gravity, music and extrasensory perception, intuition and dancing.  Welcome to the FunHouse of the Collective Unconscious. Some people could feel insecure and vulnerable with this Full Moon, especially those living an Unexamined or Inauthentic Life. They might recognize that it is time to get with themselves alone and reflect on how they feel, where they are at and where they are going.

MOON/2º Pisces opposite VENUS/2º Virgo 9:38 pm, 12:38 am

The dissolute and weak can be attracted to those who have their act together.

More Later! And I’ll see YOU Dancing with the Planets! Moving with the Energy Flow on The Big Spin!  --Michelle Sura. Check out: http://dwtp.livejournal.com

Aug. 24th, 2014

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Dancing With The Planets

The Astrology Column

A Guide to The View on The Big Spin


The Leo Moon is still Void-of-Course

We are headed for the New Moon in Virgo later Monday morning. In the post-midnight hours, the Leo Moon makes no aspects to the other planets.

MERCURY/17º Virgo sextile MARS/17º Scorpio 1:46 am, 4:46 am

However, in the background, Mercury activates both Mars and Saturn very early this morning, which are nearly conjunct in Scorpio. Words lead to Actions.

    Now, both Virgo and Scorpio are discriminating. From the Latin meaning to divide, distinguish and differentiate. Or, to show preference, partiality or prejudice. Do people talk about what they can eliminate, which is something Mars/Scorpio does. Virgo can be a critic in the same way.


Mercury Rules. We have Fresh Energy--especially mental energy to organize, plan, strategize and analyze--but as we head for the New Moon--it won’t last long! For many, it’s the first day of school.

VENUS/16º Leo trine R URANUS/16º Aries 2:38 am, 5:38 am

In the background of the Virgo Moon, Venus/Uranus suggest fiery and electrifying encounters.  People fluff up behind romantic possibilities. They can go way high and then way low... Relationships begun under Venus/Uranus tend not be long-lasting! Venus will square-off  with the Mars/Saturn conjunction as the week progresses.

MERCURY/17º Virgo sextile SATURN/17º Scorpio 5:30 am, 8:30 am

Again in the background of this Virgo Moon, this Mercury/Saturn might stop us from voicing our fears.  We also might stuff our criticism, at the risk of having our frank opinions affect our intestines.


MOON/2º19´ Virgo conjunct SUN/2º19´Virgo 7:13 am PDST, 10:13 am EDST

People will have a Very Hard Time getting out of bed this morning or staying awake behind the wheel, on the job or at school. Our energy bottoms out.

    The Moon changes its axis this month. Instead of triggering the planets in the fixed signs of Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius and Taurus, we have today’s New Moon in Virgo, the First Quarter at 9º55´ Sagittarius on 9/2, the Full Moon at 16º19´Pisces 9/8, and the Last Quarter at 23º09´Gemini 9/15.  The Mutable signs are prone to the “Idolatry of Information” and for that matter Beliefs.

MARS/17º Scorpio conjunct SATURN/17º Scorpio 12:30 pm, 3:30 pm

People have been waiting for a volcanic eruption in Iceland. We also could see earthquakes elsewhere. (Sunday Morning’s 6.1 earthquake in Napa was about the Leo Moon triggering Mars/Saturn.) Pent-up anger could also explode. Past issues could surface. Mars’ energy is concentrated by Saturn like a laser--whether it is used for destruction or healing--remains to be seen. People turn to work and to work hard. They could power through tasks they have put off or face their fears. Fear also could be a powerful motivator during this period. We’ll be feeling this powerful conjunction in the background, say 48 hours before and after--at least and again later when the Moon reaches Scorpio later this week. This Mars/Saturn conjunction also can indicate sexual frustration, even impotence, along with jealousy-driven rage and violence, or even passive-aggressive or stealthy actions.

MOON/6º Virgo opposite R NEPTUNE/6º Pisces 3:15 pm, 6:15 pm

Another Mush Mind Advisory? DUI/DWI Warning? People could feel spacey, confused, overwhelmed emotionally or even psychically. Things that have been made orderly fall apart. Don’t know if you will see the Thinnest Crescent Moon in the west tonight, that will let us know this Dark-of-the-Moon period is Over, but many will have to wait till tomorrow night to really feel it.


Women’s Equality Day

MOON/11º Virgo trine R PLUTO/11º Capricorn 1:08 am, 4:08 am

Are we coping with someone who is out of control? Or out-of-control situations? Many of us analytically grasp that the structures we have built in governments and institutions to control crisis situations in the future will not be adequate.

VENUS/17º Leo square SATURN/17º Scorpio 11:22 am, 2:22 pm

People, especially our Leo friends, might be inclined to hide their light or high spirits, even dress down, so not to distract others or to attract the wrong kind of attention. People can put others down out of jealousy.

MOON/17º Virgo sextile SATURN/17º Scorpio 2:20 pm, 5:20 pm

MOON/18º Virgo sextile MARS/18º Scorpio 3:38 pm, 6:38 pm

The Virgo Moon responds quickly and calmly, efficiently and effectively, to angry explosions or to stealth attacks, reminding us that it is far harder to heal people than it is to hurt them.

MOON/19º Virgo conjunct MERCURY/19º Virgo 7:29 pm 10:29 pm

MOON/19º Virgo Void-of Course 7:29 pm 10:29 pm

People could be quite analytical in examining recent events this evening.

Getting homework done before this hour is a good idea. Going to bed early is another good idea.


The Virgo Moon’s still Void of Course

Have NO Expectations. Go with the Flow till the Moon enters Libra.

VENUS/18º Leo square MARS/18º Scorpio 8:46 am, 11:46 am

This morning, as Venus/Mars square-off, we may find that Venus/Leo is flamboyantly passionate and Mars/Scorpio is more private about his affections. And, they may rub each other the wrong way! Make Love, Not War.


Venus Rules. When the Moon enters Libra, we present to the world what we’ve made of ourselves during the first six signs. People want to look especially good this afternoon to make themselves attractive to possible partners. While the Moon’s in Libra, people seek more refined social events in a genteel atmosphere. Our Libra friends are happy when no one seeks to dominate the conversation and everyone gets a chance to talk. Might be a nice night for gatherings and social events.


MOON/9º Libra sextile JUPITER/9º Leo 9:44 am, 12:44 pm

We feel confident this morning.

MOON/11º Libra square R PLUTO/11º Capricorn 1:03 pm, 4:03 pm

More Shocking Events? People in a Big Hurry to get ahead of the crowds for this upcoming Labor Day Weekend might find themselves to be a Highway Fatality! So Slow Down and Arrive Alive! I might expect some kind of disruption to the genteel atmosphere Libra creates. The elephant in the room is the chaos in the status quo, which does not seem too solid. People will likely discuss What’s What and What’s Really What!

MOON/16º Libra opposite R URANUS/16º Aries 10:30 pm, 1:30 am

Accident Advisory. Late night Upsets? Mishaps? Kids on the internet into the small hours? Bill Cosby’s: “Are your children At Home? In Bed?---ALONE?” springs to mind. Call Home, E.T.!  Don’t you let anyone who really, really cares about you worry themselves sick when you don’t show up!


SUN/6º Virgo opposite R NEPTUNE/6º Pisces 7:33 am, 10:33 am

Another ALL DAY Mush-Mind Advisory! It’s likely we’ll feel this Thursday night too. Don’t oversleep this morning! Some may be feeling the toxic after-effects of alcohol and drugs on their system. And some will be moved to work their creative imaginations! Did someone say, Music?

MOON/21º Libra sextile VENUS/21º Leo 9:00 am, 12:00 pm

MOON/21º Libra Void-of-Course 9:00 am, 12:00 pm

Venus Rules and people make a point of looking extra good this morning. But after this hour, we may notice the inclusive energy of Libra fade and people leaving the group for greater intimacy with their special friends. Some can feel excluded. Time to put your center back on yourself and not on other people. Allow people to be their own phenomenon. Do what you love and enjoy!



Mars/Pluto Rule. There’s Fresh Energy even at this hour. Could be people get intimate. Do we have our Saturday morning agenda in place? The Scorpio in everyone could be interested in other people’s money, specifically parting it from them! They will head to flea markets and fairs to get rid of the things they don’t need and that are taking up space.

MOON/6º Scorpio trine R NEPTUNE/6º Pisces 1:42 pm, 4:42 pm

What a day for a daydream? Or making Music? Or dancing?  Or escaping into movies and videos? Seeing art? Or to head to the beach to swim, surf or fish? Playing with your camera or paints? It’s likely we’ll meet people who will be partying all day this Labor Day Weekend.

MOON/7º Scorpio sextile SUN/7º Virgo 4:17 pm, 7:17 pm

Sun and Moon make nice around this hour. They are on the same page about What Matters and What Doesn’t. Or share discriminating tastes, agreeing on what works and what doesn’t.

MOON/9º Scorpio square JUPITER/9º Leo 9:01 pm, 12:01 am

Jupiter/Leo wants to fund projects which benefit the common good. Scorpio is concerned about what benefitting the common good will cost him.

MOON/11º Scorpio sextile R PLUTO/11º Capricorn 11:09 pm, 2:09 am

Private Investigations, Secret Strategies, Covert Operations, even robberies might be considered, planned and/or launched. Pluto can bring us into contact with Law Enforcement or those outside the law.


MOON/17º Scorpio conjunct SATURN/17º Scorpio 12:10 pm, 3:10 pm

Saturn could play Sandman after lunch, maybe even before lunch. We could feel our energy fade dramatically. Got time for a power nap?  Even though Mars/Saturn have separated by 4º they’re still considered conjunct. Chances are--people have work they want to go off and do by themselves. Some will consider losses. Some will chafe under restrictions or feel oppressed.

MOON/21º Scorpio conjunct MARS/21º Scorpio 6:51 pm, 9:51 pm

Mars has eliminated others for possible relationship and could zero in on the one he wants. Who’s feeling sexy and who wants to make the time to make it meaningful.

After Midnight, the Scorpio Moon squares Venus, sextiles Mercury in the am and is Void-of-Course. For all my homies back in My Favorite Town, the Moon goes into Sagittarius at 10:15 am PDST, so the Labor Day Street party should be terrific. More Later! And I’ll see YOU Dancing with the Planets! Moving with the Energy Flow on The Big Spin!  --Michelle Sura. Check out: http://dwtp.livejournal.com

Aug. 17th, 2014

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Dancing With The Planets

The Astrology Column

A Guide to The View on The Big Spin


MOON/5º Gemini square MERCURY/5º Virgo 1:06 am PDST, 4:06 am EDST

We are past the Last Quarter, heading for The New Moon on Monday 8/25. Late night or early morning Bickering Advisory?  You can see that Mercury is moving into opposition with Neptune by tonight. Watch what you say and do in the post-Midnight hours. Absolutely NO DUIs during this period. (Gemini will see myriad possibilities; Virgo will be looking at the feasibility given the amount of work, time constraints and money.) Monday is a day off for Actors and Musicians and many will be up late tonight. Pay attention to who you really know and trust and give ‘wide berth’ to those you don’t. Watch out for scams!

MOON/6º Gemini square R NEPTUNE/6º Pisces 4:00 am 7:00 am

People could be having unusual dreams that really speak to them. Are we having some kind of buyer’s remorse? Are we feeling unsettled? Did someone fool us? (Gemini uses reason and logic and facts, while Pisces uses intuition and metaphysical beliefs.)

MOON/7º Gemini sextile JUPITER/7º Leo 5:33 am, 8:33 am

MOON/7º Gemini sextile VENUS/7ºLeo 6:12 am, 9:12 am

Some of us--could be up early to work off the excesses of the weekend when Venus/Jupiter were conjunct. Others will Dress for Success or to make a big impression Monday Morning.  Is it the First Day of School? Or is that coming up soon?

MERCURY/6º Virgo opposite R NEPTUNE/6º Pisces 8:42 pm, 11:42 pm

With Mercury/Neptune as an undercurrent of the Gemini Moon indicates a Major Mush Mind Advisory! BOTH are powerfully in their own signs. Neptune/Pisces is the home of The FunHouse of the Collective Unconscious. Virgo often stuffs her critical opinions in her intestines. But today, what is unconscious could erupt inside all of us! Major Foot-in-Mouth Warning! Be quick to apologize sincerely and profusely. You might hear someone explode with, ‘WHO’S CRAZY? Who made you the expert? Who are you to call anyone Crazy or decide what’s normal?’ Go hear some music and dance. Sing! No DUIs/DWIs tonight, People!

MOON/16º Gemini sextile R URANUS/16ºAries 10:42 pm, 1:42 am

Meeting someone new? A young person with Fresh Ideas? People could be astounded by what they learn on the internet.


The Moon’s still in Gemini

But while it is not making any aspects to the other planets, it is NOT Void-of-Course . Could be nothing’s happening or you find no one around to talk to. Or, people are busy with their business. So should you be!

MOON/26º Gemini sextile SUN/26º Leo 7:54 pm, 10:54 pm

MOON/26º Gemini Void-of-Course 7:54 pm, 10:54 pm

Sun and Moon make nice this evening. We’ll feel the Gemini energy fading and people will be feeling talked-out. Could be an Information Overload or that we’re hungry for emotionally meaningful conversation. Or just long for silence.



The Moon Rules. Some of us might have Fresh Energy for some emotional healing and emotional intimacy. We take our cues from our women friends when the Moon’s in Cancer, especially Mom, our mates and children, all the girl people. Our Feelings matter the most to us, during Cancer Moons. People may find they need to connect with their own emotional authenticity and get down with how they really feel about themselves. Some could even feel emotionally vulnerable and head for their home turf.

Our Feelings matter the most to us, but our feelings could have override our ability to see things objectively. Make a point of keeping one small corner of your mind sensible and practical.

MOON/6º Cancer trine R NEPTUNE/6º Pisces 2:30 pm, 5:30 pm

Singing does clear out our system. The Waning Cancer Moon has empathy for those whose emotions overwhelm them.

MOON/10º Cancer sextile MERCURY/10º Virgo 9:59 pm, 12:59 am

We may encounter someone who is quite analytical about feelings and experiences. Or, someone who has a lot to say about health issues and unhealthy practices.


MOON/11º Cancer opposite R PLUTO/11º Capricorn 12:07 am, 3:07 am

People could be devastated-- by the news they hear late night. Pluto signifies those “Acts of God” that are beyond the control of individuals such as Extreme Weather events that impact many people. We might also hear of more violence at home and abroad.

MOON/15º Cancer trine MARS/15º  Scorpio 7:48 am, 10:48 am

Women take Action this morning on personal investigations, investments, joint assets and property--possibly surreptitiously. 

MOON/16º Cancer square R URANUS/16º Aries 9:55 am, 12:55 pm

Accident Advisory? Not the morning to forget things and be in a hurry! Sudden and Unexpected Upsets involving young people are another possibility.

MERCURY/11º Virgo trine R PLUTO/11º Capricorn 12:19 pm, 3:19 pm

In the background of the Cancer Moon, Mercury/Pluto. People could say things that can be quite radical or suggest radical changes to control what’s gone out-of-control. But be careful how you express yourself, we could hear people vent on others, saying hurtful or even hateful things. Think before YOU speak!

MOON/17º Cancer trine SATURN/17º Scorpio 12:34 pm 3:34 pm

MOON/17º Cancer Void-of Course 12:34 pm 3:34 pm

Reality Check. We may step back and get perspective on work, investments, shared assets and property, joint ventures. Have NO expectations while the Cancer Moon is Void-of-Course, which it will be for a little over the next 24 hours. Go with the flow. Stick with your usual routine. This is NOT the time to start new projects which could be frustrating or yield unexpected results. Forget shopping as you could be dissatisfied with your purchases. Avoid signing contracts or making promises. Instead,  get in some water therapy. Relax and use this time to reflect on how your summer has been and what the autumn ahead promises.


The Cancer Moon’s still Void-of-Course

This morning, we could find ourselves in SNAFU City. Or on Automatic Pilot. Stay Alert and receptive to others as we go from Mighty Yin to Mighty Yang.

MOON ENTERS LEO 1:49 pm PDST, 4:49 pm EDST

The Sun Rules. We’ll feel a little Fresh Energy around this hour, as we head for the New Moon. The New Moon was in Leo last month-- now, we’re heading for the New Moon in Virgo. However, the sign BEFORE the New Moon, in this case Leo, is when things fall apart and we can be our own worst enemy, the cause of our own self-undoing! I’ll say it again: Modesty Furthers. Avoid Arrogance. It’s the Dark-of-the Moon. People are inclined to conserve the energy they have.

SUN ENTERS VIRGO 9:46 pm PDST, 12:46 am EDST

We say Happy Birthday to all our Virgo friends and neighbors. Well, Mercury Rules the month ahead. School has started and mother’s are rejoicing their kids are back into a regular routine. Our Virgo friends are analytical organizers. They can figure out how to get chores done quickly and efficiently, so as to free themselves up for more interesting activities. Often, they are administrators, secretaries, teachers, accountants, housekeepers, and nurses. They are health-conscious.

    Neptune in Pisces has been opposite their Sun sign, so many of our orderly Virgo friends are being impacted by its presence. Did someone say ongoing Mush-Mind Advisory? They may take a new interest in the problems of alcoholism and addiction, (which could also be a big temptation) mental illness, care facilities and prisons. Dreams, psychic awareness, unusual metaphysical beliefs also can be new preoccupations. Pisces is Virgo’s shadow self and the funhouse of collective unconscious. It might be a good idea to practice meditation and witnessing yourself. 


MOON/8º Leo conjunct JUPITER/8º Leo 6:47 am, 9:47 am

Let’s not be Over-Confident on the road this morning, as many could be up early to get on the road! More Accidents happen under Jupiter than Saturn. It’s a Feel Good Morning! Some could be ‘Full of Themselves’ and not watch where they are going! Or if their audience is with them! Overdoing it? People are likely to spend money on clothes and entertainment. We definitely coast on the Leo Moon.

MOON/13º Leo conjunct VENUS/13º Leo 7:01 pm, 10:01 pm

Tonight, It’s Showtime! Do we over-dress to impress? It’s Saturday Night! Why Not? People emanate a whole lot of Personal Magnetism. Their aura goes out to there!

MOON/16º Leo trine R URANUS/16º Aries 10:22 pm, 1:22 am

Who are we meeting up with? Someone new?  Someone younger? Someone online? Could be time to get away from it all and make your escape.

MOON/16º Leo square MARS/16º Scorpio 11:40 pm, 2:40 am

Late night fights? A violent fracas could break out over leadership. Could be another Who’s The Boss argument. Mars/Saturn are almost conjunct possibly indicating pent-up anger that’s been held in a long time. They’ll be exact Monday afternoon. Saturn concentrates Mars energy into an almost laser-like intensity.


MOON/17º Leo square SATURN/17º Scorpio 1:26 am, 4:26 am

MOON/17º Leo Void-of-Course 1:26 am, 4:26 am

In the small hours, Saturn slams the Leo Sun. Saturn plays Sandman!! But hopefully, you won’t be Asleep At The Wheel on the road home! Leo rules the heart and circulation, Saturn could constrict Leo’s heart this morning, and yes, I am serious as a heart attack. The Leo Moon is Void-of-Course All Day Sunday and All Night. We will be really feeling The Dark-of-the-Moon. Modesty Furthers! Be willing to let others shine, because it is not the time to be acting out to get attention. It might not have The Desired Effect! Praise others, applaud others, be affectionate to others, thank everyone who has helped you succeed, recognize their contribution.

More Later! And I’ll see YOU Dancing with the Planets! Moving with the Energy Flow on The Big Spin!  --Michelle Sura. Check out: http://dwtp.livejournal.com

Aug. 10th, 2014

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Dancing With The Planets

The Astrology Column

A Guide to The View on The Big Spin



Neptune/Jupiter Rule. We’re just past The Full Moon in Aquarius, which was doing a dance with the Sun in Leo and Saturn in Scorpio. Are we thinking about how our ‘shadow’ self came up over the weekend. While we might have fresh energy to start the day, hopefully with some Pisces water therapy, we could be on automatic pilot! Some may be acutely aware of aging and the impact on the quality of our lives. We may consider the time we have left on this planet and how we want to use it. I’ve enjoyed reading “Breakfast With Buddha” and “Lunch with Buddha” by Roland Merullo.

MOON/6º Pisces conjunct R NEPTUNE/6º Pisces 4:26 pm, 7:26 pm

Stay Alert! People tend to get more intoxicated with Neptune than they realize! They might really want an attitude adjustment after getting back to work on Monday and overdo it.  Thank goodness this is happening after the workday. Ladies, watch your drinks and be aware of date rape drugs. Others will find their intuition leading them away to more creative and/or spiritual pursuits. Did someone say, Music?

MOON/9º Pisces trine MARS/9º Scorpio 8:51 pm, 11:51 pm

There’s definitely sexual energy in the air. Mars might think he can seduce anyone, but he might be just too intense for Pisces.  Note that Mars/Pluto are moving into a 60º sextile angle by early Friday morning and might feel like an undercurrent. Even in good aspect, Mars/Pluto could have a hidden agenda.

MOON/11º Pisces sextile R PLUTO/11º Capricorn 11:58 pm, 2:58 am

Pisces might empathize with those in turmoil and offer insight.


VENUS ENTERS LEO 12:24 am, 3:24 am

Someone glamorous, celebrated or even royal,. makes a late night appearance! Drama Queens could be the center of attention! Venus in Leo shows off that Personal Magnetism which attracts ardent admirers, especially in Performance through 9/5 when it enters Virgo.

MOON/17º Pisces trine SATURN/17º Scorpio 9:01 am, 12:01 pm

MOON/17º Pisces Void-of-Course 9:01 am, 12:01 pm

This morning, things may not go as expected. People might be handed more work and strive to keep things practical and orderly. After this, yet another long Void-of-Course period. People make a point of Staying Alert in order to avoid do-overs or expensive mistakes. There might be a tendency to daydream. Some will use their time this evening to reflect on their lives or meditate or go to bed early because tomorrow we go into high gear.



Mars/Pluto Rule. Youth Rules. Everyone will wake up with Fresh Energy, to Get Physical! People want to be strong, limber, quick. They want to have stamina and want to feel and look young! People are outgoing and adventurous, full of spontaneity and enthusiasm. This is a terrific day!  Young people will be a presence all day.

MOON/1º Aries trine VENUS/1º Leo 8:43 am, 11:43 am

Young people are likely to be shopping for school. This might be a good day to do it. They are attracted to the latest popular styles. Who inspires young people? Who do they want to emulate?

MOON/6º Aries trine JUPITER/6º Leo 4:27 pm, 7:27 pm

A Feel-Good Afternoon and Evening. People are likely to spend money on entertainment. Performers do exceptionally well.


MOON/11º Aries square R PLUTO/11º Capricorn 12:54 am, 3:54 am

Late night violence? Fights? We may hear of more conflicts abroad. It could also be about generational differences. Check in on the elderly family members and friends.

MOON/16º Aries conjunct R URANUS/16º Aries 9:14 am, 12:14 pm

News travels fast this morning. Young people must be counted on to stay in touch with the home base in these times in which we live. Sudden disappearances especially of young people must be taken seriously.

MOON/21º Aries trine SUN/21º Leo 7:23 pm, 10:23 pm

Lovely evening. Our Leo friends could be entertaining young people with stories and games.


MARS/11º Scorpio sextile R PLUTO/11º Capricorn 2:25 am, 5:25 am

Figure Mars/Pluto as an undercurrent at this early morning hours. Mars here is initiative in this applying sextile. A Rabble Rouser? Leader of a pack of thieves at this hour? Or a gang?

MOON/29º Aries trine MERCURY/29º Leo 8:50 am, 11:50 am

MOON/29º Aries Void-of-Course 8:50 am, 11:50 am

Young people enjoy the way Leo speaks and acts and the way he treats young people. Finally an extra short Void-of-Course period. The inner child in each of us might find we have let our burning need for immediate gratification fade.


Venus Rules. Beauty MOVES us, wherever we find it, in the natural world and in the creativity and artistic expression of men and women around us. We look at what we really have when the Moon’s in Taurus. Not just materially, but we count those intangibles too. Everyone is grateful for the work they have, what they’ve earned for themselves.  And we are especially grateful for all that has been given to us through birth and parentage: our looks, our values, our talents and our feelings.


Back on it’s own home turf, Mercury inspires us to get organized! School starts in August for many. For some as early as August 20th, for others the week after. We make plans--down to the last detail. We may even begin to put away summer things to make room for what we’ll use in the fall. People will be talking a lot about Health, diets, cures, exercise regimes. They’ll be talking about their pets too, along with their work environment.

MOON/4º Taurus square VENUS/4º Leo 4:57 pm, 7:57 pm

There may be some competition this afternoon/evening. Who’s the Alpha female/male?We could experience some dissatisfaction and unhappiness if we make comparisons to others. Keep your center and love the person you are!

MOON/6º Taurus sextile R NEPTUNE/6º Pisces 8:35 pm, 11:35 pm

Do we head to the movies or down to the beach? Or to the old watering hole? Some will find solace in beautiful music this evening.

MOON/6º Taurus square JUPITER/6º Leo 9:01 pm, 12:01 am

What are we Overdoing? Flaunting wealth or prestige? Flattering? Being overly generous? Overindulging ourselves in food and drink?


MOON/11º Taurus trine R PLUTO/11º Capricorn 5:11 am, 8:11 am

This morning, people think about making radical changes to the way they manage their business or property.  The Taurus Moon inclines us to be practical and sensible--not like lemmings who throw good money after bad or destroy or eliminate structures and systems that have served us well.

MOON/12º Taurus opposite MARS/12º Scorpio 6:28 am, 9:28 am

Early morning intimacy? People could lose their tempers or might just be irritable.

MOON/17º Taurus opposite SATURN/17º Scorpio 3:56 pm, 6:56 pm

People are going to feel low energy in the late afternoon. Time for a power nap? Some may feel pressured to invest their hard-earned money in someone else’s venture or scheme. Saturn played Spoiler over the Full Moon and makes its presence felt again here at the Last Quarter possibly as restrictions of some kind or a Reality Check!



MOON/24º32´Taurus square SUN/24º 32´Leo 5:26 am, 8:26 am

MOON/24º32´Taurus Void-of-Course 5:26 am, 8:26 am

Some of us could push to take their space. Or feel pushed by others to join the party atmosphere around Leo. Or participate in political efforts. We center on our own Havingnesss, rather than make comparisons and contrasts to those around us. We might get ready to promote and sell what we’ve created in Taurus.


Mercury Rules. Fresh Energy in the Afternoon. Is The Brain is the sexiest  part of the body?  People are hungry for News and Information. However, The Mind has override power on the emotions. Domestic life does not appeal to our Gemini friends who seek a endless variety of people and experiences and tend to avoid emotional entanglements.

Gemini can argue both sides of any question by finding facts to back it up.

VENUS/7º Leo conjunct JUPITER/7º Leo 10:21 pm, 1:21 am

With Venus/Jupiter the the background, Everyone feels like performing. We show our abundance of spirit. Always a Dieter’s Advisory with Venus/Jupiter as we could overindulge ourselves, though even our plus-size friends are especially attractive tonight.  Be Ready for a busy day tomorrow!

More Later! And I’ll see YOU Dancing with the Planets! Moving with the Energy Flow on The Big Spin!  --Michelle Sura. Check out: http://dwtp.livejournal.com

Aug. 3rd, 2014

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Dancing With The Planets

The Astrology Column

A Guide to The View on The Big Spin


MOON/16º Scorpio conjunct SATURN/16º Scorpio 3:29 am PDST, 6:29 am EDST

People might have a hard time getting out bed early this morning. It is sobering morning as we read the news. We could feel burdened by responsibilities but we must face our fears and the things we’ve procrastinated on and by doing so, empower ourselves and lighten the psychic burden we’ve been carrying. Some may encounter severe delays and restrictions.

MOON/20º Scorpio trine VENUS/20º Cancer 10:43 am, 1:43 pm

MOON/20º Scorpio Void-of-Course 10:43 am, 1:43 pm

Venus here could encourage us to handle doing what we must do one step at a time. With the Scorpio Moon Void-of-Course it is not the time to start new projects as they will very likely cause intense frustration and lead to mixed or unexpected results. Say no to shopping, signing contracts or making promises.



Jupiter Rules. People are Full of Enthusiasm and Fresh Energy this morning! Confident and outgoing, people tend to be invested in their metaphysical beliefs, their political convictions, their theories and opinions. Even their home teams!  The Sagittarius in all of us optimistically seeks the unified theory of everything--believing it’s a cosmos not chaos. In Sagittarius, Coaches and Teachers are on top of their game! They believe there’s a whole world out there to explore and that learning is never-ending! Travel Abroad, Publishing and College Events get our attention!

MOON/4º Sagittarius trine JUPITER/4º Leo 11:17 am, 2:17 am

Sure, Jupiter Rules and we feel lucky! What a change from yesterday! We gravitate to people who share our views.

MOON/6º Sagittarius square R NEPTUNE/6º Pisces 3:19 pm, 6:19 pm

Watch your intake of alcohol. NO DUIs/DWIs. People can be intoxicated with their beliefs too, though highly individualistic beliefs or perceptions may be mocked by those with a more traditional metaphysical viewpoint. Consider who your audience really is!

MOON/11º Sagittarius trine MERCURY/11º Leo 10:33 pm, 1:33 am

People have lots to say tonight and find validation.


MOON/13º Sagittarius trine SUN/13º Leo 3:35 am, 6:35 am

Sun and Moon make nice in the early morning hours. A Feel Good Morning!

MOON/16º Sagittarius trine R URANUS/16º Aries 7:52 am, 10:52 am

MOON/16º Sagittarius Void-of-Course 7:52 am, 10:52 am

Young People might who want to go places spontaneously--had best get an early start! With the Sagittarius Moon Void-of-Course all day and all evening, we could feel our enthusiasm ebb more and more as the day progresses. People’s beliefs and opinions may seem less important than practical realities before us. We consider what ideas really work and might succeed at making money! I would not start any new projects or go shopping during this period.


MARS/6º Scorpio trine R NEPTUNE/6º Pisces 5:14 am, 8:14 am

Figure this in the background Wednesday night too. We’ll feel this perhaps as a creative urge--some will be into making music and dancing. Some, however, will let alcohol fuel their reservoir of hurt and anger. Or, others will act on underhanded schemes, or to try and fool others for their own amusement. As the Sagittarius Moon is Void-of-Course, things may not turn out as expected.


Saturn Rules. People have Fresh Energy for taking care of business and to power through what needs doing. As we are heading for The Full Moon in Aquarius, and now is the time to get things done and to clear whatever is hanging on the back burner of our minds to free ourselves up. Work occupies us. We do what we must as cheerfully as we can.

MOON/6º Capricorn sextile R NEPTUNE/6º Pisces 5:43 pm, 8:43 pm

This applying sextile might encourage us to “keep our eye on the horizon” like MLK Jr inspired us to do, as we keep long-term goals in mind.

MOON/7º Capricorn sextile MARS/7º Scorpio 6:15 pm, 9:15 pm

Tonight, people could be working on their pet projects or personal investigations. Mars could bring some mental or emotional intensity to the evening, sexual and otherwise.


MOON/11º Capricorn conjunct R PLUTO/11º Capricorn 1:22 am, 4:22 am

Late Night/Early Morning Crisis. People may be aware of violence around them or abroad. Avoid encounters with the law. Be ready to be a First Responder. Check in on elderly family, friends and neighbors before this.

MOON/11º Capricorn square R URANUS/16º Aries 9:15 am, 12:15 pm

Sudden Upsets. Young people could “rattle the cage” of older folks or Rebel against Authority or simply disappear with their friends, especially via the internet.

SUN/16º Leo conjunct MERCURY/16º Leo 9:21 am, 12:21 pm

All Day, people define themselves by what they say. Modesty Furthers, my Leo friends! People enjoy performing for others.

MOON/16º Capricorn sextile SATURN/16º Scorpio 10:08 am, 1:08 pm

Not for nothing Saturn Rules the Capricorn Moon!  Pluto and Saturn remain in each other’s signs, we work to eliminate non-essentials and what is not working for us. People who want to get work done and get their weekend started may not appreciate distractions.

MERCURY/16º Leo trine R URANUS/16º Aries 1:14 pm, 4:14 pm

Spontaneous Road Trip? Getting away early for the weekend? Slow Down and Arrive Alive! You don’t neeed a speeding ticket or an expensive accident! Things people say spontaneously could travel far! The Best Activities today are with Kids!

SUN/16º Leo trine R URANUS/16º Aries 5:36 pm, 8:36 pm

All Day, people could be spontaneous and impulsive, especially kids. Don’t be in a hurry to go anywhere today!

MERCURY/16º Leo square SATURN/16º Scorpio 7:50 pm, 10:50 pm

Foot-in-Mouth Advisory. Saying nothing might be better than voicing criticism tonight! Believe it! Apologize immediately, sincerely and profusely. People may bring up old issues. Be a good listener, be open to views not your own. Saturn in Scorpio wants to eliminate what he considers unnecessary expenditures; Mercury/Leo tries to persuade otherwise by stressing the importance of taking care of the common good.


MOON/26º Capricorn opposite VENUS/26º Cancer 1:09 am, 4:09 am

MOON/26º Capricorn Void-of-Course 1:09 am, 4:09 am

Our Cancer Homegirls (and Homeguys) still have that magic!


Uranus/Saturn Rule. Everyone lets go when the Moon’s in Aquarius! Freedom is on Everyone’s mind! People will be quite independent today and will rebel against any kind of restriction, much to the chagrin of others, when Aquarius wants to go off on his own. It’s possible they could be fixated on an idea--and not all there and present. Our minds race with a 1000 possibilities and we could come off as impersonal. We’re not possessive or acquisitive during Aquarius Moon and we don’t want to be weighed down by taking care of stuff. We believe in recycling and that Less IS More.

SUN/16º Leo square SATURN/16º Scorpio 8:11 am, 11:11 am

All Day, Saturn plays spoiler to this Full Moon period. People are going to feel low this morning, especially if they have to go to work on Saturday. NO complaining, excuses or blame games. Difficult people or a Major Reality Check could appear and must be dealt with.

MOON/5º Aquarius opposite JUPITER/5º Leo 3:24 pm, 6:24 pm

This should perk us up. An opportunity could present itself. Especially an opportunity to perform or party!

MOON/8º Aquarius square MARS/8º Scorpio 7:51 pm, 10:51 pm

Chances are Aquarius won’t “match energy” with the intensity and determination of Mars/Scorpio and may just back out of any conflict.


MOON/16º Aquarius sextile R URANUS/16º Aries 8:31 am, 11:31 am

Early morning surprises? People are electrified by sudden and unexpected news they hear. Brainstorms, Anyone? We’re excited by breakthroughs in Science and Medicine.

MOON/17º Aquarius square SATURN/17º Scorpio 9:32 am, 12:32 pm

Saturn Rules this Full Moon along with Uranus, people might have to deal problems at work, equipment breakdowns, responsibilities and obligations. But Aquarius takes problem-solving as an inventive challenge!


MOON/18º02´Aquarius opposite SUN/18º02´ Leo 11:09 am PDST, 2:09 pm EDST

Full Moon at Noon? Hope my homies are watching the tides all this weekend! Leo gathers people together around his magnetic personality, while Aquarius distributes and delegates to others authority, responsibilities, know-how and even assets to the community of which he is a part in the spirit of Potlatch. Has attending Great Performances been on the agenda?

MOON/20º Aquarius opposite MERCURY/20º Leo 3:12 pm, 6:12 pm

MOON/20º Aquarius Void-of-Course 3:12 pm, 6:12 pm

Aquarius might not join the group around Leo, despite Leo’s persuasive entreaties, but even Leo knows when it’s time to make an exit leaving the crowd wanting more.

Pisces Moon tomorrow morning. We may contemplate what we’re left with,

More Later! And I’ll see YOU Dancing with the Planets! Moving with the Energy Flow on The Big Spin!  --Michelle Sura. Check out: http://dwtp.livejournal.com

Jul. 27th, 2014

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Dancing With The Planets

The Astrology Column

A Guide to The View on The Big Spin

MONDAY JULY 28, 2014

The Moon in Leo is Still Void-of-Course!

We’re just past the Saturday Night’s New Moon at 3º52´Leo. Our Leo friends know instinctively when to move off Center Stage. So should we. For some this may have been a hubris-filled weekend. Others may have found Modesty Furthers, as it has since the the time I Ching was written. Avoid making Big Decisions, making commitments or signing papers or shopping for anything other than basic necessities. People could be dissatisfied with their impulsive purchases or their lemons that were such a deal Are we heading for our own personal ‘Green Room’ to evaluate our performance this weekend? Or to digest our reviews. Ready to re-organize our costumes and props from the weekend?


Mercury Rules. Time to make a list? Get out the calendar and set priorities and important dates? We’re health-conscious when the Moon is in Virgo and Virgo especially believes ‘You are what you eat’ and can be very conscious of their digestion, as they often hold their stress in their intestinal region, especially when they are holding back their opinion or criticism, rather than voicing it.


Delta Aquarids Meteor Showers

MOON/1º Virgo sextile MARS/1º Scorpio 12:02 am, 3:02 am

Late night energy for sex? Many tribes from ancient times believed the Crescent Moon was the best (or only) time to have sex and make babies.

MOON/7º Virgo opposite R NEPTUNE/7º Pisces 10:46 am, 1:46 pm

People could feel a bit mush-minded this morning, having not gotten the sleep they intended. Stay Alert!

MOON/11º Virgo trine R PLUTO/11º Capricorn 8:15 pm, 11:15 pm

Changes might seem easier to make now. We ruthless cull what we don’t need in order to simplify our lives.


MOON/14º Virgo sextile VENUS/14º Cancer 1:26 am, 4:26 am

Some may stay up late getting the house into shape. Or thinking of how we can beautify our environment.

MOON/16º Virgo sextile SATURN/16º Scorpio 6:28 am, 9:28 am

We deal with difficult things. Culling the clutter and doing what we must do. Use this time to get as much out of the way as possible. We get things done with the Moon in Virgo and put our minds to accomplishing as much as we can. We look at health issues too.


MOON/29º Virgo sextile MERCURY/29º Cancer 7:48 am, 10:48 am

MOON/29º Virgo Void-of-Course 7:48 am, 10:48 am

Take care leaving the house this morning, be organized.


Venus Rules. People make a point of looking good today. We dress for success. Looking successful makes us attractive. Our focus will be on friends, partners and spouses today, but we will also keep an eye out for the competition while the Moon’s in Libra. People will be giving some thought to their significant others and what they can do to improve the quality of their relationships.


What we say--think and remember could come from our ego or a desire to impress others. Remember Modesty Furthers. So, watch what you say and how you say it. Everyone wants to be loved for the person they really are, not someone they’re pretending to be. Mercury’s going to zip through Leo in a little over two weeks. People will be thinking of Playing, remembering how to be a little kid and really listening to what children have to say and how they play. Performers of all kinds will be on! With Sun, Jupiter and now Mercury in Leo, people want to be entertained and will likely spend big bucks doing so.

MOON/3º Libra sextile JUPITER/3º Leo 4:02 pm, 7:02 pm

A Feel Good afternoon. We feel rewarded.

VENUS/16º Cancer square R URANUS/16º Aries 9:43 pm, 12:43 am

Someone fluffs us up with a little flirting? Have NO expectations that this will lead to a long lasting relationship! That almost never the case with Venus/Uranus aspects. (Venus did a little dance with Pluto last Sunday Some will be open to a quickie affair. Others who have bonded with their spouses will just know--what’s going on with their partner! Our homegirls are likely to make use of the time when their kids are off doing their own thing!


MOON/9º Libra sextile SUN/9º Leo 3:16 am, 6:16 am

We feel good going to bed. Sun and Moon make nice.

VENUS/16º Cancer trine SATURN/16º Scorpio 3:22 am, 6:22 am

Night owls may have a hard time getting up and getting going this morning. People may dress to blend in rather than stand out this morning. Even keep their feelings to themselves.

MOON/11º Libra square R PLUTO/11º Capricorn 8:14 am, 11:14 am

Don’t be Roadkill Friday Morning! Early morning Crisis? Do we hear of ongoing violence from abroad overnight? Or from The Hood? Do we have early morning encounters with Authorities?

MARS/3º Scorpio square JUPITER/3º Leo 3:47 pm, 6:47 pm

A Battle? For Who’s The Boss? Again? Or between someone who is out-front and someone who isn’t? It is likely that people put a lot of energy into disagreements or into contests and competitions. Just don’t Raise Your Voice in any disagreement or allow any argument to get loud and physical. A Friday Afternoon work-out to burn off excess might be a good idea.

MOON/16º Libra opposite R URANUS/16º Aries 5:45 pm, 8:45 pm

Upsets? Kids disappear to be with their friends? Sudden changes of plan?

MOON/19º Libra square VENUS/19º Cancer 7:58 pm, 10:58 pm

MOON/19º Libra Void-of-Course 7:58 pm, 10:58 pm

Stop making those comparisons to others! Be fully yourself! You can’t be anyone but yourself anyway! And don’t compare your partner to your Mom! Friday night, people might get away from the crowd for deeper intimacy with special friends. Should you find yourself on your own--know it is time to put your center back on yourself!


The Libra Moon is still Void-of-Course

All Day Saturday--do what you love. Except Shop. Sign Contracts or Make Promises. Activities of friends and partners could pull us along with them, but we may feel more inclined to go out on our own.

MERCURY/3º Leo conjunct JUPITER/3º Leo 12:33 pm, 3:33 pm

Who are you trying to impress? Mercury/Jupiter could make us exaggerate. Or, overdo the flattery. Brag and boast or flaunt their luck and good fortune. While the Libra Moon’s Void-of-Course, it may not achieve the desired effect.

MERCURY/4º Leo square MARS/4º Scorpio 5:01 pm, 8:01 pm

Mars/Scorpio could take issue with Leo’s pronouncements. Being suspicious, he may investigate while he’s playing with his smart phone and even seek to challenge him. Mars/Scorpio can be underhanded. With all these Leo/Scorpio aspects, decide for yourself if it being in charge is worth the battle.


Mars/Pluto Rule. There a New Intensity in the air. Powerful. Sexual. People could feel a powerful desire to eliminate what’s wasting our time. Or who. Scorpio has probably seen the field and has made his choice--to separate the filly from the herd as it were. Some may be suspicious of others, even of the most transparent guileless and fine people who have nothing to hide. Scorpio can use people to his advantage, or is able to determine where their niche in life truly is and point them in that direction. Often Scorpio reads people, comparing their willpower and their ability to follow through and achieve what they say they want, to his own.


MOON/4º Scorpio square JUPITER/4º Leo 3:33 am, 6:33 am

MOON/4º Scorpio conjunct MARS/4º Scorpio 4:32 am, 7:32 am

In the post-midnight hours, choose to Make Love, Not War. Oh, we’ve seen people kids trying to gun down other kids on the evening news in Chicago, every damn weekend. With the Scorpio Moon activates this Mars/Jupiter square, there’s a whole lot of muscle-flexing and people getting physical in the post-midnight hours. Another dreadful Who’s The Boss argument? Or Who’s Right? Faster? Better? Meaner? Hope you have some Anger Management skills. I will say this, Mars/Scorpio seeks out those intense experiences--because something was missing in his/her early life. They Missed Out on getting enough love, so they don’t feel they have to give. Or even enough to give. Jupiter in Leo hasn’t a care in the world and that could be a red flag to some, whose fortunes are not as great.

MOON/5º Scorpio square MERCURY/5º Leo 6:11 am, 9:11 am

MORE Disagreements?  We get the breaking news of events that happened overnight.

MOON/6º Scorpio trine R NEPTUNE/6º Pisces 8:58 am, 11:58 am

Where do we spend our Sunday Morning? Jammin at Sunday Morning Church (Or should I say ‘Choich’ down at The Club?)  Singing in the choir to praise The Creator and his Creation. Or walking in the woods or riding the waves to do the same. When you praise the morning’s beauty wherever you find it, you call down the gods to listen to your appreciation of it.

MOON/11º Scorpio sextile R PLUTO/11º Capricorn 5:46 pm, 8:46 pm

Who’s Ruthless? Pluto Rules! Who’s Ruthless eliminating--what they don’t want or need? What’s useless, obsolete, taking up space or costing too much money to maintain? People attack clutter in their lives, get rid of paper they aren’t keeping. Get the garbage out! Do we have a strategy? We want to streamline our space and simplify our lives.


MOON/11º36´Scorpio square SUN/11º36´Leo 5:50 pm, 8:50 pm

NOT another Who’s The Boss Fight! People can push to get things moving. Or push others to get their way. Scorpio is concerned with other people’s money, like our tax dollars for instance and could like inhibit funding projects.  More Later! And I’ll see YOU Dancing with the Planets! Moving with the Energy Flow on The Big Spin!  --Michelle Sura. Check out: http://dwtp.livejournal.com

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